Gearbox Pickleball Paddles & Equipment Reviews

Gearbox might not be a well-known company for your average pickleball player, but to the professionals, it will be a very familiar name. They are known for making very unique designs of rackets that will vastly improve your pickleball.

This company was founded by professional racquetball player Rafael Filippini, who has used his expert knowledge of the game of racquetball to influence these amazing designs of pickleball paddle.

These paddles are top-of-the-range, with a carbon fiber face that makes for a very even surface, an edgeless design to increase the likelihood of a central hit and a sturdy handle that is resistant to sweat. All these elements give you everything you need for a very reliable game of pickleball.

But where can you find the best pickleball paddles and equipment from Gearbox? What makes this company the best choice for you? Will a Gearbox pickleball paddle improve your game? How much can you be expected to pay for a Gearbox pickleball paddle?

Well, pickleball freaks need not worry any longer, as we’ve compiled a list of a few of the best models of pickleball paddle from Gearbox. We’ll give you a rundown of some of the best, along with pros and cons, as well as a buyer’s guide and some frequently asked questions that will help you determine the good paddles from the bad.

Gearbox Eight Pickleball Paddle (3-5/8 Inch)

This first paddle is one of the heftiest on the list, with a carbon fiber design that will give you a professional level of shots and make sure the direction hits dead on every time.

This paddle has a decent grip, so you can be sure of a confident and slick-free swipe every time - introducing the Gearbox Eight Pickleball Paddle.

This paddle is perfect for all different types of pickleball games, although it will be a lot more appealing to professional players who want that extra backspin.

Having a decent handle is also very important for increasing the control and direction over your ball.


  • The unique carbon fiber front will give you that even surface that you can use to smash the ball over the net and keep your opponent guessing.
  • The length of this handle is great, giving you extra control over the direction and spin of your ball.
  • This paddle has moisture-wicking properties, so you won’t have to worry about getting increasingly sweaty after a game.
  • This paddle is very heavy-duty and is perfect for use in many different games - it won’t succumb to splitting like some of the flimsier paddles.


  • This paddle might be a bit too heavy for a beginner.
  • It is also very expensive, so we would recommend that you don’t buy it if you are a casual pickleball player.

This next paddle is very similar to our last model, although it has slightly lighter weight.

It comes with a polypropylene honeycomb core that will allow you to get responsive shots, which will give you that decisive advantage over your opponent - introducing the Gearbox GH7 Paddle.

This also comes with state-of-the-art bite technology. It can give you amazing backspin that will certainly set you apart from a lot of the casual players.

It also has a sturdy handle that comes with moisture-wicking technology.


  • This has an ergonomic handle that will feel very comfortable and allow you to stay on the court for a lot longer.
  • The heaviness will give you those decisive and confident shots. This is a paddle that should be reserved only for professionals.
  • This paddle has added extra thickness in the body but thinness in the length that will allow it to sail cleanly through the air, giving you faster shots.
  • The moisture-wicking technology will allow you to keep a firmer grip on the handle of your paddle.


  • This paddle might to too complex for beginners to use, so if you are embarking on a casual paddle game, then we would suggest that you go for something a bit more lightweight.

Gearbox G11 Paddle (Purple, 3 7/8')

This paddle is designed with a streamlined front face that will reduce the level of vibration that you’re getting down the handle.

The design on this one looks amazing, turning heads even before you get onto the court to completely obliterate your opponent - introducing the Gearbox G11 Paddle.

This paddle comes with a wide hitting area without interference from a rim that will lead to mis-hits or misdirection. This has an increased sweet spot across the face, with a glass fiber composition that will allow you to deliver those hard and decisive hits.


  • This paddle is both very long and very wide, giving you that extra powerful hitting ability and more reach for your shots.
  • This has a unique honeycomb center that will allow you to have extra responsiveness on your paddle.
  • This paddle can be used a fair amount of times, you can hit the ball as hard as you like and not have to worry about it splitting.
  • This pickleball paddle is probably the least expensive of all the paddleboards on this list, which will be an incentive for intermediate players to progress to more challenging hitting styles.


  • This paddle might be too heavy for beginners to wield, so make sure that you have a few months of experience under your belt before buying this one.

Gearbox Pickleball Paddles & Equipment Buying Guide

When looking at the Gearbox pickleball paddle, you’ll need to be aware of the specifications.

Generally, all the above pickleball paddles have the same type of construction and design. It will all depend on the intensity of the game that you’re playing and how often you’ll be playing it.

Here are some of the unique features that you’ll be able to find with a Gearbox pickleball:

An Edgeless Design

Without an edge, then you won’t have to worry about your pickleball hitting the corner of your paddle and going off in a direction that you didn’t intend. In pickleball, it is very important to get the right trajectory.

It will also increase the aerodynamic properties of your paddle, allowing you to deliver that swift and effective service time and time again.

They are All Approved By the USAPA

These paddles are all approved for use in tournaments, so you won’t have to worry about sourcing different paddles for your game.

This is perfect if you want to use the paddle that you’re comfortable practicing with in between your games.

A Single Body Construction

A common problem with a lot of these edgeless paddles is that after repeated play, the layers start to fall away over time. This is because of the repeated banging of the ball on the front of your paddle.

However, Gearbox has really worked on the design of their paddles, coming up with a unibody design that won’t result in it falling apart after repeated use. Having this is very important for professional players who’ll want that reliability over time.

Carbon Fiber Construction

This is made from incredibly durable and lightweight carbon fiber, one of the best materials on the market for pickleball paddles.

If you are planning on dedicated most of your week to practicing your pickleball serves, then you’ll want to invest in one of these paddles.

The construction and price of these paddles are not for the faint-hearted. Unless you plan on competitively playing pickleball more than once a week, then we would recommend that you go for something a little cheaper and easier to handle.

Extended Warranty

Gearbox paddles have a 1 year warranty. This will give you peace of mind if you are using your paddle and it starts to come apart inside a year.

This shows that Gearbox has every faith in their product and expects it to last over a year, at minimum.


What Other Equipment Do Gearbox Sell?

Gearbox does protective eyewear, which will be necessary if you are planning on playing fast games.

A pickleball traveling at high velocity into your eyeball can lead to some serious damage, so it is certainly worth spending the extra money.

You can also pick up some gloves for your pickleball games from Gearbox. This will help you maintain an effective and firm grip on your paddle, once again, giving you an advantage over any opponent that isn’t using gloves.

Who Should Buy A Gearbox Paddle?

We would only recommend intermediate or expert players to buy one of these paddles. They are very heavy to wield and are made from complex materials.

You’ll need to have some basic knowledge of pickleball swings and backspins to be able to use these materials to your advantage.


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