What Is Stacking In Pickleball?

Whether you’ve recently picked up pickleball as a hobby or you’ve been playing for years if you want to be the best player that you can be – one of the best ways to do this is to make sure that you have a variety of gaming strategies in your arsenal.

Stacking is one of those, and we’re going to be explaining it to you below so that you can try it out with your team next time you play. Read on!

What Is Stacking In Pickleball?

Stacking in pickleball is a term used by players who are not familiar with the game or its rules. It refers to when two balls are hit at once (or “stacked”) so that they both land on the same side of the court.

This is usually done for strategic reasons, such as to gain an advantage over your opponent(s).

The most common way to stack a ball is to swing from one side of the net to the other and then hit the ball again before it bounces back off the wall.

The second shot will often go into the pocket where the first shot was originally struck, allowing you to get a better angle on your next shot.

Stacking is also commonly performed by hitting a ball while standing behind the baseline line, which allows you to hit a ball after it has bounced twice.

Why Is Stacking Used In Pickleball?

There are many different ways to play pickleball, but the main reason why people use stacking is that it’s very easy to do. You don’t need any special equipment, and you don’t even have to move around much to perform this technique.

As long as you’re able to hit the ball hard enough to make contact, you’ll be able to stack it.

As you might expect, there are some downsides to using this method. For starters, if you miss the initial shot, you won’t be able to hit another one until the ball bounces back up.

If you’re trying to score points quickly, this could mean missing out on opportunities to rack up additional shots.

Another downside is that the player performing the stacking may be exposed to retaliation from their opponents. Since the ball is already in motion, it’s easier for them to anticipate where it will bounce, and therefore know exactly where to aim their return stroke.

How Does Stacking Work?

When you’re playing pickleball, you want to keep your eyes focused on the ball. If you look away from the ball, you risk losing control of it. When you’re ready to hit the ball, take a few steps towards the net.

Swing the racket forward, holding it close to your body, and follow through with the arm that isn’t holding the racket.

At the moment of impact, let go of the racket and allow it to continue moving forward. Aiming for the middle of the pocket, try to hit the ball just as it starts bouncing back off the wall.

If you’ve successfully managed to hit the ball, you should see it fly straight back towards you. Before it hits the ground, step backward and prepare to hit it again.

When you strike the ball, hold it firmly between your thumb and forefinger. Let go of the racket immediately after striking it, and watch the ball roll across the court.

If you missed the initial shot, you’ll probably find yourself having to wait a little longer than usual for the ball to bounce back up.

In order to avoid being too far behind the baseline, you can always stand closer to the wall. However, doing so will increase the likelihood of getting hit by the ball when it comes back down.

The best place to stack a ball is at the top of the pocket since the ball tends to come back up there more frequently.

After you’ve hit the ball, step back a few feet and prepare to hit it once again. This time, however, instead of aiming for the middle of the net, aim for the bottom of the pocket.

The idea here is to hit the ball as soon as possible so that it doesn’t bounce back up before you can get to it. To help ensure that you hit the ball right, take a quick glance at the direction it was headed in before hitting it.

Why Is It Called “Stacking” In Pickleball?

Why Is It Called “Stacking” In Pickleball

Wondering why it’s called stacking? Well, it’s called stacking the ball because this strategy is a common way to gain an advantage over your opponent.

By hitting the ball repeatedly, you can force it into the air, making it harder for your opponent to return it. It also helps to reduce the distance that the ball has to travel, which makes it easier to hit.

In addition to these advantages, stacking is also fun! You never have to worry about wasting a good opportunity to score, because you can always hit the ball again.

Plus, you don’t need to spend any extra effort or energy to do so. One thing’s for sure, stacking is one of the most effective ways to play pickleball.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re bored with playing the same positions or you simply want to gain an advantage over your opponents, stacking is one of the most versatile moves you can play to take your opponents by surprise.

Not just that, but stacking is also a great way to maximize your team’s strengths and mobility – so it’s one of the best gaming strategies to use if you’re trying to establish early dominance, or even if you’re looking to try to flip the lead from the opposing team to your own.

So, in other words, it can be used for both offensive and defensive play. Now, all that’s left to do is to go down to your local pickleball court and try putting this gaming method into practice. Thank you for reading!


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