30 Funny Pickleball Quotes

Ok, let’s face it. If you’re on this page you probably love pickleball and are trying to be funny.  Or, you’re looking for a quote to put on a t-shirt or another gift for a pickleball junkie in your life.

Here are 30 fun & quirky pickleball quotes for you:

  • That look on your face when someone says no pickleball today.
  • What! No pickleball today?
  • That ‘s how you pickleball.
  • Grandma, you playing pickleball again?
  • 98% of married couples who play pickleball as partners end up needing marriage counseling.
  • Great dink kid! That was one in a million.
  • I have a particular set of skills. I will find you… and drag you out onto a pickleball court and drill with you until you’re able to land a drop shot.
  • I don’t always hang out in 55+ communities, but when I do, they better have pickleball.
  • Everything in moderation, except pickleball and wine.
  • Retirement drives me to dink.
  • Some grandmas knit scarves. Real grandmas play pickleball.
  • Life is short, play pickleball.
  • I don’t always play pickleball… oh wait, yes I do.
  • Pickleball. Paddles well with others.
  • Some grandmas play bingo. Real grandmas play pickleball.
  • Yes, I love you more than pickleball… but don’t push me.
  • I’m a pickleball addict on the road to recovery. Just kidding, I’m on the road to the pickleball courts.
  • Never underestimate an old man with a pickleball paddle.
  • Think dink.
  • I dink and drive.
  • I was playing pickleball before it was cool.
  • It’s fine. I played pickleball today.
  • Pickleball players are HOT!
  • You can’t buy happiness but you can play pickleball and that’s pretty close.
  • There’s no crying in pickleball.
  • There’s no sorry in pickleball.
  • That what I do. I play pickleball and I know things.
  • Pickleball. In my head… that was a 5.0 shot!
  • Pickleball, making retirement great again.
  • Designated dinker

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