15 Best Pickleball Paddles

If you’re looking to play pickleball and want to win, you will need the best pickleball paddle to suit your playing style.

If you opt for any old pickleball paddle, you run the risk of impeding your on-court performance. 

Choose the right paddle, and you will be the one to beat on your local pickleball court!

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the US and the paddle brands involved can be accredited to this success.

Whether you invest in a paddle from the giant brands of Gamma and Head or the entry-level manufacturers such as Rally Sports, you must find a paddle that suits your game style and form.

To help you find the best pickleball paddle, we have paddled through the depths of the market and come up with the top 15 on the market.

Continue reading to find out more about each product as we consider their power and grip types as well as much more.

Let’s find you a pickleball paddle!


Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle | Professional Pickleball Paddles with Honeycomb Core, Carbon Fiber Surface, Graphite PolyCore & High Tack Performance Grip | USAPA Approved

First up we have the outstanding Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle.

Its design, quality, and performance are world-class and just some of the reasons why it’s a favorite among national competitors.

A graphite polymer honeycomb composite build helps make this a lightweight paddle to help you achieve greater control for strategic short games.

However, you’ll still be able to ball-strike at a very strong force. This paddle has large radius corners resulting in one of the best aerodynamic performances out of all paddles.


  • Offers supreme control and touch - Textured graphite surface helps you achieve greater accuracy
  • Large, consistent sweet spot - Adds finesse to your shots while increasing speed for ball-strikes
  • Textured graphite surface - Reduces weight and dampens vibrations but provides enough power for a cut-away shot


  • Wrong size grip - Some customers have received the wrong size grip when purchasing online 


ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed Pickleball Paddle (Blue)

Another fantastic paddle is the Pro Kennex Ovation Speed. An outstanding feature of this paddle is its vibration-reduction characteristics as well as its touch-sensitivity and high responsiveness.

It has a cornerless and oval-shaped design which reduces the risk of mishits so you should get a full forced ball-strike most of the time.

Some pickleball paddles run shock through your hands and up your arm as you hit the ball.

Thankfully, this Pro Kennex Ovation Speed paddle includes a tungsten-filled special chamber that absorbs vibrations, therefore avoiding any shocks from an impact. 

This will allow you to play for longer without having to worry about pickleball elbows (the tendons in your arm become strained from a repetitive motion).


  • Dampens vibration - Designed to cushion any vibrations and shock to not hurt your hands or arms
  • 7-layer face - Provides the ability to spin the ball easier with this spin-grab feature
  • Cornerless and oval-shaped - Reduces the chances of mishits for a fuller, higher force shot each time


  • Quite heavy - A little heavier than some paddles which may take some time to get used to


Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle (Red)

The Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle is stylish and helpful for improving your pickleball game. A sleek leather-wound handle looks highly professional and is comfortable to grip as you’re in the midst of a ball-strike battle.

Due to its 100% graphite/Nomex construction, this paddle is lighter than many on the market. This helps improve your accuracy as well as movements.

The face is also made from very durable graphite while the paddle core is constructed from Nomex which provides superior protection against vibrations and shock.

This paddle is recommended for both recreational and competitive games, especially if you like to spin the ball to put your opponents off!


  • Stylish - Although not the most vital part of a paddle, the leather-bound handle looks and feels professional 
  • Lightweight - Full graphite/Nomex construction results in a light, easy to use paddle
  • Durable - Solid build which should last many tournaments over many years


  • Handle/paddle joint can be a little weak - Some users have reported cracks forming 


ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddles with Cushion Comfort Pickleball Paddle Grip - USA Pickleball Approved

There are not many better graphite paddles than the ONIX Z5. This is designed to provide better control over the pickleball while offering a powerful touch for power plays in competitive matches.

The top corner has a wide shape which provides more space to hit the ball effectively. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you will love this paddle.

Even the most experienced pickleball players love the easy to swing nature of this paddle allowing you to hit the ball wherever you desire.

With a great price and a quiet delivery when hitting the ball, this is hard not to consider.


  • Lightweight - Easy to move when adjusting shots
  • Minimum noise - Very quiet when hitting the ball so you don’t have to worry about making too much noise
  • Provides excellent control over the ball - Wide shaped design allows you to hit the ball in any direction you want for better control


  • Not the most powerful shots - Doesn’t provide as much power for ball-striking as some heavier models
  • Not as heavy-duty - Not as strong or durable as some paddles on this list


GAMMA Sports Compass NeuCore Pickleball Paddle, Graphite Power Surface and Honeycomb Grip, Elongated Compass

With a high-polymer core that achieves greater control and less sound, the Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle is a supreme premium-quality paddle.

Unique NeuCore technology targets the 25% thicker core of this paddle which helps provide greater power through your shots.

Alongside larger cells, this paddle is powerful yet soft during impact resulting in less pressure and shock during shots. Its graphite surface helps enhance the ball’s spin to put off your opponent.

Although it has a very long length, the NeuCore paddle will help you control shots from many angles.


  • Longer handle - Provides more reach for the ball during a game
  • Offers sharper spins - Helps produce more spin that can affect the ball’s landing on your opponent’s side of the court
  • Excellent sweet spot - Provides better control and power through your shot


  • Not the most durable - If you use this regularly, it may not last as long as some other models
  • A little expensive - On the costlier side which may not be best suited to beginners 


Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set | USAPA Approved Pickleball Set | Pickleball Rackets Include Padded Cover, Lightweight Honeycomb Composite Pickle Ball Paddles for Men & Women, Paddle Racket

Here we have a much more affordable option which is ideal if you’re on a budget. If you’re new to the game of pickleball, then this Upstreet Pickleball Paddle is one of the best choices for you.

Although this paddle is lower in price than most, its weight is higher at 8.6 oz. This makes it ideal for beginners to get used to using a paddle and create powerful shots.

This has a unique PP (polypropylene) honeycomb cell structure and 3 layout patterns which provides superior performance every time. With the power and control this paddle offers, this is a very good value model.


  • Ideal for beginners - Heavier weight is easier to use for novices and offers greater control
  • Great value - One of the most affordable options on the market
  • Unique honeycomb cell structure - Core has 3 layout patterns as opposed to 2 with most paddles which provides primal mechanical performance


  • Can easily chip - Little edge guard so not as much protection against chip or bumps from the ball


Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle | Professional Pickleball Paddles with Carbon Fiber Surface, Tempest SRT Honeycomb Core & High Tack Performance Grip | USAPA Approved

Using smart technology, the Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle has improved sensitivity when experiencing the ball’s impact. It also offers more power and responsive touch to help control the game better.

You don’t want too much power from your paddle as the ball can shoot off and miss the court. This will also be very hard to control and get used to as opposed to most paddles.

Fortunately, the Tempest Wave Pro doesn’t have excessive power. It has just enough to create powerful shots while being in complete control. 

Along with the extra-long grips, you get more space to adjust your hold for larger reaches and greater control.

With supreme precision, power, and endurance, this paddle is a supreme choice for taking your pickleball game to the next level.


  • Very large hit zone - Offers a wider scope for great control thanks to a wider surface area
  • Two handle options - Different grip options to suit your style and play 
  • Provides outstanding accuracy and power - Able to hit the ball in the direction you want at any time 


  • Quite a slick grip - Not the easiest handle to grip and can be prone to sliding during sweaty matches
  • Expensive - One of the costlier options so may be best suited to more experienced players 


ONIX Evoke Premier Pickleball Paddle, Blue, standard weight

This is the second entry on our list from the highly reputable brand Onix. The Onix Evolve Premier Pickleball Paddle has been designed for reliable and very strong play.

The face’s lining reduces shock and the effect the ball has when returning a quick response.

The Atomic13 edge guard technology provides a thin yet very robust protection that also reduces shock but improves paddle speed and power.

We love that there are weight options with this paddle from lightweight, medium weight, to heavyweight types. These different weights allow you to decide if you need speed or more power.

The face shape is perfect for increasing the coverage and strength of shots. With a width measuring 8 inches, the sweet spot is exceptionally large. If you want pinpoint accuracy and control, this is one of the best.


  • A coated surface - Softens the ball without losing any spin off the face
  • Range of weights - Can choose from different weights to suit your style of play
  • Polypropylene honeycomb core - Provides extra power, control, and durability


  • Not the best touch or feel - Can be a little uncomfortable after a long game


GAMMA RZR Composite Pickleball Paddle: Pickle Ball Paddles for Indoor & Outdoor Play - USAPA Approved Racquet for Adults & Kids - Pink/Blue

If you have a competitive nature and want your opponent to struggle in a game, then the Gamma Poly Core Pickleball Paddle is certainly one to consider.

This maintains a strict target for every shot so your opponent will have to experience relentless accuracy with every ball-strike.

The Gamma Poly Core paddle is constructed from a combination of Sensa Poly Core and graphite face which provides power, smoothness, and durability.

The honeycomb design in this paddle helps you achieve a gentle yet very fast stroke. This is a perfect choice for those of you who prefer power and speed rather than accuracy and precision.

We were very impressed by the fast speed of contact between the paddle surface and the ball. The ball bounces off the paddle with force to take your opponent by surprise.


  • Small handle - Very easy to grip and maneuver in the hands for different shots
  • Thin-edge protection - Results in a wider sweet spot for more powerful ball-strikes
  • Offers extra spin - Design produces added spin to make it harder for your opponent to hit the ball


  • Not the most robust - Compared to some, this may not be the most sturdy for long-lasting use


GAMMA Sports 2.0 Neutron Pickleball Paddles: Mens and Womens Textured Graphite Face Pickle-Ball Racquet - Indoor and Outdoor Racket: Yellow, ~7 oz

Gamma enters the list once again with the excellent Neutron 2.0. This is the fastest paddle in Gamma’s range and is an ideal option if you like to strike forceful yet controlled shots against your opponent.

As well as power, the Neutron 2.0 is one of the best paddles for intricate maneuvers so you can play gentle, dink shots to infuriate your opponent.

Its graphite surface offers an extra bite to the ball so you can create more spin with your shots.

You will find a sweet spot all over this paddle as there are no dead spots thanks to the Live Periphery Frame. 

The edges are reinforced to prevent scratches and dents for long-lasting use. 

One of the highlights of this paddle is its Unibody with honey grip. Gamma is renowned for excellent grips but this has perforated stitches that provide added comfort, better grip, and water absorption to reduce the chance of slipping.


  • Large sweet spot - Able to get clear, powerful shots from most areas of this paddle’s surface
  • Ultralight - Weighing only 7 oz, it’s very easy to control so you can master the court
  • Incredible maneuverability - One of the best and easiest paddles to move in your hands for different types of shots


  • Inconsistent dink shots - The ball sometimes bounces forcefully off when trying to play gentler shots


Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle, Red Fade

If you’re looking for a particular design or color to suit your personality, you should seriously consider this Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle.

This model is available in a range of different colors so you can match your pickleball outfit or sponsors if you’re a professional.

This paddle from Engage Pickleball is made for professional and advanced players. Its core is designed with specialized polypropylene resulting in larger honeycombs that provide softer effects and excellent shock absorption.

The face of this paddle is made out of Propriety fiberglass which helps you achieve greater flexibility while striking the ball powerfully from the paddle core.

Furthermore, this is one of the quietest pickleball paddles we came across.

Many paddles can be noisy and bothersome to your neighbors but the Encore Pro paddle is optimized to meet strict community noise requirements, making no sound on impact. 


  • Provides quieter shots - Optimized to meet stringent community noise requirements so there is hardly any sound upon impact 
  • Increased flexibility - Propriety fiberglass construction allows for improved flexibility when playing shots
  • Approved by USAPA - Suitable for tournaments and competitions if required


  • Quite heavy - Some players have found the paddle too heavy to use comfortably
  • Not suitable for beginners/intermediates - Best suited to more experienced players or professionals


Amazin' Aces 'Bainbridge' Pickleball Paddle (Pro Series) | Edgeless Composite Paddle | Aluminum Honeycomb Core with Graphite & Fiberglass Rimless Face | Includes Racket Cover with Shoulder Strap

With a clever combination of graphite and fiberglass for its construction, the Amazin’ Aces Bainbridge Pickleball Paddles certainly holds the Aces over many of its competitors.

Alongside a very strong aluminum honeycomb core, this paddle is durable for long-lasting use but powerful enough to shock your opponents.

Unlike most paddles on this list, this Bainbridge model has no edge guard and has a rimless design. This is quite similar to the traditional ping pong paddles which many players prefer.

This can lead to more cuts or marks on the edge of the paddle but also reduces the risk of mishits.

The grip is excellent with added cushioning for comfort and max performance when you sweat. If you’re looking for a lightweight paddle that is rimless, this has to be one of the best to choose from.


  • Durable - Graphite and fiberglass blend face combined for a sturdy design that should last a long time
  • Aluminum honeycomb core - Very strong for added power through shots
  • Rimless - Similar to older style ping pong paddles that are easier to control for some and reduces the chance of mishits


  • Very smooth surface - Not very textured so ball control is quite difficult 


HEAD Graphite Pickleball Paddle - Radical XL Lightweight Paddle w/ Honeycomb Polymer Core & Comfort Grip

You may not have heard of the manufacturer Head in the pickleball industry but they have designed a very good paddle with the Radical XL.

It is very long at 16 inches but this enables you to reach more shots. Sporting the latest spin texture surface, you will get the best spin on the ball you’ve ever experienced.

Designed to offer more control and spin than power, this paddle’s shape helps improve accuracy. Its semi-teardrop shape reduces the sweet spot size so this is possibly better suited to more experienced players.

A polypropylene honeycomb core provides good playability and feel for different levels of play.


  • Lightweight - Easy to move and play various shots
  • Very long - Enables you to reach more shots that would be impossible otherwise
  • Cushioned grip - Reduces vibrations during impact


  • Reduced sweet spot size - Shape makes it harder to get perfect shots every time


A11N SPORTS HyperFeather Pickleball Paddles Set of 2 - USAPA Approved | 8OZ, Graphite Face & Polymer Core, Cushion Grip | 2 Indoor & 2 Outdoor Balls, 2 Covers, 2 Overgrips and 1 Bag

To finish up, we have a pickleball paddle and ball set. Focusing on the paddle from A11N, it weighs 8 ozs and is made from durable graphite with a light textured polymer core.

This combination provides increased power, less ball spin, and improved maneuverability.

The design of this paddle is attractive and offers more ball control so you can hit the pickleball in any direction accurately.

It has a large design with a slim edge guard resulting in a sizable sweet spot which is ideal for beginners wanting to hit the ball quickly and accurately.

The handles have a superb standard of grip with a circumference of 4.25 inches and a length of 4.92 inches to reach more shots. These also absorb sweat to prevent the paddle from slipping from your hands.


  • Lightweight - Very easy to use and maneuver 
  • Ideal for beginners - The large sweet spot is perfect for hitting the ball quickly and accurately
  • Comfortable grip - Absorbs moisture to reduce the risk of slipping from your hands


  • No warranty included - You’re not covered in case of any damage 

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