15 Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners

Whether paddleball is your favorite sport, or you’ve recently decided to take it up on the weekends to keep fit, one of the most important pieces of pickleball equipment that you’ll need to get right is the paddle. 

If you don’t select the right paddle for your current level of experience, you might end up selecting a paddle that will only deter from your game, rather than help you get the most enjoyment out of it. 

Never fear, though, because we’re here to lend a helping hand. Below, you’ll find a review of the top fifteen paddles currently available on the market that are tailored to a beginner’s game.

So, without further ado, ready to find your perfect paddle match? Read on! 


Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle PX | Polymer Composite Honeycomb Core, Graphite Carbon Face | Lightweight | USAPA Approved | Yellow

If you’re looking for a pickleball paddle that you know you’ll be able to count on, then you might want to consider the PickleballCentral Rally Graphite Paddle.

Featuring a textured graphite face and durable composite polymer honeycomb core, here is a paddle that has been created with a focus on durability and precision. 

The durable honeycomb composite polymer core will be able to handle the impact of the ball, while the textured graphite carbon exterior will give you an advantage, allowing you to have better control over the placement of the ball and its spin. 

Ideal for beginners, this paddle features an XL face, which will reduce the chances of any edge guard mis-hits, while its enlarged sweet spot will ensure that you have an improved performance which will help you to build confidence as your pickleball skills improve. 

Armed with this paddle, you’ll also be able to enjoy whole games without any strain thanks to the ergonomic shape. It features a cushioned grip that has been specifically designed to offer a universal fit for all hand sizes and shapes, while its lightweight design ensures a lower chance of slipping. 


  • XL Face - the enlarged face of the paddle will allow for a larger sweet spot and a lower chance of any mis-hits. 
  • Ergonomic design - offering plenty of comforts, the cushioned grip of the paddle will allow you to enjoy the game without pain, all while reducing the chances of any slippage. 


  • Very lightweight - as this paddle is so lightweight, you may have to practice using it so that you get a ‘feel’ for how to properly control the paddle.


niupipo Pickleball Paddle, USAPA Approved Pickleball Paddle with Fiberglass Surface, Protective Cover, Ultra Cushion, Polypropylene Honeycomb Core, 4.5-Inch Grip, 8.2 Ounces, Purple

Featuring an eye-catching, galactic design, the Niupipo Pickleball Paddle is another fantastic option for beginners just starting out in the game. 

At the heart of pickleball is fun, so it should come as no surprise that this pickleball paddle features a playful design that resembles a starry galaxy that’s just perfect for standing apart from your opponents. 

Not only that, but thanks to its fiberglass face, this paddle will not only ensure better-shot power but less chance of developing any wrist strain, as the composite construction is so lightweight - just 8 ounces, in fact! 

The Niupipo Pickleball Paddle also features a polypropylene honeycomb core, which is very responsive and ensures that you’ll have more control over the trajectory of the ball. 

When combined with that fiberglass face we mentioned, you can bet that this paddle will offer you maximum control and energy transfer, so you’ll still be able to use it as you transition to the intermediate level. 


  • Fiberglass face -  this paddle will deliver plenty of energy transfer and control.
  • Versatile - this paddle is ideal for players of all levels, so it can progress with you as your skills improve.


  • Average face size - the average face size may mean that you make more edge shots especially as a beginner. 


Lightweight Pickleball Paddle with Cover - 8 oz Graphite Pickleball Paddles for Men and Women, Fashionable Pickleball Racquets, Pickleball Rackets with Comfort Cushion Grip

If you’re on the search for a pickleball paddle that won’t break the bank, then look no further than the Nyanee Lightweight Pickleball Paddle. 

Offering excellent value for money, the affordable price point of the Nyanee Pickleball Paddle ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a reliable paddle while saving your money. 

Not only does it meet USAPA official standards, but it has been made using durable graphite carbon fiber that gives this paddle both balance and power.

Armed with this paddle, you’ll find that both your spin and precision improve greatly. 

Plus, thanks to the lightweight construction of this paddle, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of the powerful honeycomb polymer core without causing any strain or fatigue to your arm and wrist. 

This pickleball paddle also features an ergonomic grip with wraps that will help to prevent any slippage, all while being able to absorb the force of any impacts, reducing the chances of any fatigue to your wrist and hand further. 


  • Affordable - ideal choice for those on a budget.
  • Ergonomic - this paddle will offer you a comfortable grip and shock absorption. 


  • Colorway - the eye-catching design may not be to everyone’s taste.


Scuddles Pickleball Paddle Raquette Set of 11 Includes - 1 Instructional Book 2 Indoor and 4 Outdoor Pickleballs 2 Paddles Covers and 2 Rackets

If you’re just starting out, why not consider purchasing a bundle kit? The Scuddles Pickleball Paddle Set is the perfect way to get started. 

Full to the brim with everything you need to play a game of pickleball, this kit from Scuddles will allow you to hit the court as soon as it arrives on your doorstep! 

You’ll get 6 balls, which are divided between four outdoor balls and two indoor balls, 2 paddle covers, 2 paddles, and even a book filled with tips and strategies to help you improve your game. 

 As for the Pro-X Paddle (you get two), it features a strong yet lightweight design that will help to absorb the impact of shots to reduce fatigue, while the ergonomic handle will help to improve your grip, preventing it from slipping out of your hand.

What’s more, this set comes in three different colors (blue, green, pink) that you can choose from, depending on your pickleball outfit or team colors. 


  • Ideal for beginners - this kit comes with everything you need to get started in the world of pickleball. 


  • Booklet - some find the strategic booklet to be confusing to follow. 


NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddles - USAPA Approved Premium Pickleball Paddles - Graphite Face & Honeycomb Polymer Core for a Quiet and Light Pickleball Racket

Here’s a beginner-friendly pickleball paddle that will not only help you to improve your ability but also offer a quiet performance that will allow you to focus on the game at hand. 

The strong graphite face of this pickleball paddle will help to elevate your shot precision and power, all thanks to its honeycomb core that has been specially optimized to elevate your overall performance.

Unlike other paddles on the market, the NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle ensures that you’ll be able to be fast and reactive at the net thanks to its lightweight construction, while its innovative design will be able to reduce sound to improve your focus.

That’s not all, either. You’ll also be able to play for longer with a reduced chance of developing fatigue, thanks to its ergonomic grip that has been created with extra padding.

This means that this paddle will help to reduce vibrations and absorb the shock of each shot.


  • Ergonomic handle - the ergonomic design of the handle will allow you to play for longer.
  • Quiet performance - this paddle is very quiet, which will help to improve your concentration. 


  • Dead spots - some users have reported that this paddle has some ‘dead spots’ across the face. 


A11N Premium Pickleball Paddle Set - Graphite Face and Honeycombed Polymer Core Paddles | Durable Balls | Overgrips | Covers | Drawstring Bag, Ultra Cushion Grip & Upgrade Racquet

If you’ve only recently started playing pickleball and would like a little extra help making shots, then consider a paddle that has a large face, such as the A11N HyperFeather Pickleball Paddle. 

Featuring an extra-wide face, this pickleball paddle from A11N comes complete with an extra-large sweet spot.

This will not only help to lower the chance of any mis-hits, but it will also help to improve your confidence as you learn the ropes of the game. 

Weighing in at just 8oz, this pickleball paddle is the ideal weight for first-timers, as it is heavy enough to be able to make powerful shots, but not so much that it will leave you feeling tired out. 

Plus, this set even comes with an additional paddle, two overgrip rolls, 4 balls, as well as a drawstring bag to keep everything inside. This makes it a great gift if you’re buying for someone just starting out, or if you feel like treating yourself. 


  • Great beginner gift set  - this set features everything a beginner will need to get out on the court.
  • Large sweet spot - the extra-large sweet spot will help to lower the chance of mis-hits.


  • Drawstring bag is not durable - some users have found that the drawstring bag is prone to breaking quite easily. 


HUDEF Pickleball Single Paddle, Lightweight Graphite Carbon Fiber Face Pickleball Paddle Racquet Rackets Elongated Pickleball Paddles,Honeycomb Core,Cushion Comfort Grip USAPA Approved

If you’re a pickleball beginner on the search for a paddle that will be lightweight and easy to hold, then look no further than the HUDEF Pickleball Paddle. 

Boasting a lightweight design that won’t compromise on performance, this paddle features an ultra-durable face that combines graphite with a honeycomb core.

Thanks to that, you can bet that you’ll see a performance uplift out on the court, as this paddle will help to improve spin, power, and shot trajectory! 

Plus, made with the newest Double Buffering Technology, the handle has been made with a super-soft cushion that will not only help to absorb shock but will also help to improve your grip during long games.

This paddle is also a great investment, as its lightweight design is able to offer an excellent level of balance, power, and control that will benefit all levels of experience, even tournament players. 


  • Edge guard - to help improve your performance, this paddle features an edge guard that will prevent mis-hits.
  • Lightweight - the lightweight design is perfect for beginners and will help to prevent fatigue. 


  • Prone to breakage - some users report that this paddle breaks easily. 


WIn SPORTS Wooden Pickleball Paddles Set 2 Beginner Racket,Pickle Ball Paddles with 2 Paddles,4 Balls and 1 Carry Bag,Durable and Classic (Black Version)

Here’s something a little different! If graphite paddles aren’t your thing, then a wooden paddle such as the Win SPORTS Paddle is a great alternative to consider.

Boasting excellent value for money, this pickleball paddle set comes with two strong wood paddles, 4 indoor pickleball balls, as well as one durable carry bag to keep everything in one place. 

Plus, thanks to the super-strong 7-ply wood construction, this paddle will be able to withstand the force of each impact, all while working to absorb the shock so that you won’t feel any fatigue.

The handle even features a comfy cushion grip, and even comes with a wrist strap that will help to prevent it from flying across the court if you accidentally lose your grip. 

What’s more, wood paddles are a great choice for beginners, as wood offers a great bounce rate and slower flight, which will help you to feel more in control as you learn the ropes.

It’s a great choice for paddleball beginners that want to take things slow. 


  • Great for beginners - thanks to the wooden face, this paddle has been optimized to ensure better overall control.
  • Wrist strap - this will help to ensure that in the event you lose your grip, the paddle won’t fall to the floor, or shoot across the court! 


  • Less energy transfer than graphite face paddles - this paddle isn’t as hot as graphite fae paddles, though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you want to work on your technique. 


ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle (Graphite Carbon Fiber Face with Rough Texture Surface, Cushion Comfort Grip and Nomex Honeycomb Core for Touch, Control, and Power),Blue

Our list just wouldn't have been complete without the Graphite Z5 Paddle, which is one of the most popular pickleball paddles in the world.

Optimized to go big on control and small on mis-hits, this paddle features a hot face that boasts incredible energy transfer and is highly reactive, making it a great choice for beginners that are about to level up to intermediate. 

Its widebody shape falls within the medium weight category, making it ideal for beginners all the way through to tournament, while its honeycomb core and graphite face will help you dominate on the court, whether indoors or outdoors.


  • Versatile - great choice for players of all levels.
  • Reactive face - powerful shots are a guarantee with this paddle.


  • May not be suitable for first-timers - this paddle is very reactive, making it most ideal for beginners that are progressing to intermediate and want a paddle that can come with them. 


No products found.

If you and your family have decided to give pickleball a try this summer, then the Kanga Beginner Pickleball Paddle Bundle is just what you need.

Featuring four universally sized paddles that are suitable for both children and adults, this set is a great choice for small families or a group of friends that have never played pickleball before.

In addition to the lightweight paddles, this set also comes with 6 pickleball balls that can be used indoors or outdoors, as well as wrist straps so that you stay in control, even if you lose your grip.


  • Ideal for families - this set is great for a small family, as the paddles are suitable for adults and children.
  • Great value - this set comes with four paddles and 6 balls, making it a great deal considering its price point. 


  • May not be suitable for solo players - this bundle is intended for families/a group of four. 


Gonex Pickleball Paddles, USAPA Approved Graphite Pickleball Rackets with Comfort Grip, Carbon Fiber Pickleball Set of 2/4 Paddles with 4 Balls, Portable Carry Bag

Looking to make an impression out on the court? If so, we recommend considering the Gonex Pickleball Paddle.

All it takes is one look at this paddle to see what we mean when we say you’ll make an impression. This paddle is embossed with a striking lava print, that looks as though it is breaking through the face.

Made of graphite carbon fiber with a honeycomb fiber core, this paddle will help to elevate your performance with additional speed and power, all while helping to improve trajectory precision. 

In addition to that, the Gonex Pickleball Paddle will also help to improve the swing length as well as ball spin, meaning that you’ll have less chance of making mis-hits, and more chance of getting the edge over your opponent! 


  • Extra cushioned grip - the additional cushion wrapped around the handle will help to absorb shock and let you play for longer.
  • Polymer Honeycomb Core - this paddle will help you to make more powerful shots.


  • Design - the striking lava design may not be to everyone’s taste. 


GAMMA Sports Needle Pickleball Paddle

If a larger face is on the top of your pickleball paddle priority list, then we suggest giving the Gamma Poly Core Pickleball Paddle a consideration. 

Featuring a unique, elongated design, the Gamma Poly Core Pickleball Paddle features a face design unlike any other we have seen.

Thanks to that, you can be confident that this paddle will reduce the chances of making edge shots.

It features a tough, graphite face that will be able to enhance your control, it also features a Sensa Poly Core technology that will help to provide you with powerful shots and greater energy transfer!


  • Large face - the large face of this paddle ensures fewer mis-hits.
  • Cushion grip - the cushion grip of the handle will help to prevent slipping. 


  • Short handle - may be difficult to hold for those with larger hands.


Pickleball Paddle Carbon Fiber for Spin Textured Surface USAPA Approved Graphite Pickleball Racquet Pro Pickleball Racket Lightweight for All Players Tournament with Cover

If you’re yet to pick out your pickleball outfit alongside a paddle, then the ESPER Pickleball Paddle Set is here to answer the call. 

Featuring a paddle and cover, the ESPER Paddle included within this bundle is lightweight with an ergonomic handle, and features a honeycomb composite core that will help to elevate your performance and enjoy an advantage over your opponents. 

Plus, regardless of your ability, a huge part of Pickleball game culture is the type of clothing you choose to wear.

Unlike other sports, Pickleball doesn’t have an official uniform, and players are encouraged to express themselves through their clothing and accessories. 

Besides the paddle, this pickleball set also comes with eye-catching wristbands and a headband that’s sure to make sure that you stand apart from the crowd.

Plus, thanks to the simple red, blue, and white colorway, they’ll complement a variety of different outfits. 


  • Honeycomb core - this paddle is lightweight yet powerful and designed to offer excellent energy transfer. 
  • Bundle set - not just the paddle, this purchase will also come with wristbands, a headband, and a cover. 


  • Basic paddleball design  - does not feature any fun graphics. 


Diller Pickleball Paddle 4 Player Bundle (Set Includes 4 Paddles & 6 Balls)…

If you and your friends have recently decided to try out pickleball for the first time, the Diller Pickleball Paddle 4 Player Set should be on your radar. 

This set of 4 Diller Paddles each feature a 7-ply hardwood construction that is lightweight to hold and will offer a powerful performance out on the court. 

To make the game more fun, the wooden face of each paddle has been specifically optimized to deliver a slower flight path, meaning that each player will have more time to spot the ball and hit it.

Plus, offering excellent value for money, this set comes with an additional 6 balls that can be used indoors or outdoors, as well as a safety wrist strap that will help each player to stay in control. 


  • Great for groups - this set is a fantastic choice for a group of friends.
  • Good grip - the cushioned design of the handle ensures that you won’t lose your grip, and even features an additional wrist strap. 


  • Weak handles - some users have reported that the handles are prone to breaking after a few months.


2024 SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddles | Featuring a Multilayer Fiberglass and Graphite Pickleball Paddle Face | SX3 Honeycomb Core | Pickleball Rackets Designed in The USA for Traction and Stability

Last but not least, we have selected the SLK Neo by Selkirk Pickleball Paddle Set.

If you’re looking for the best value for money, then this paddleball set is a great investment to consider making as it is suitable for all levels of pickleball players.

This pickleball set comes with two paddle balls, 3 balls, and one carry-bag to keep everything safe inside. 

Created with SLK’s Pickleball Paddle Technology, this pickleball paddle combines all of the latest advancements made in pickleball technology with all the comfort and functionality you’d expect a beginner’s paddle to offer. 

Plus, thanks to its graphite face, you can be confident that this paddle will help you to hit precise and powerful shots, while its honeycomb core will help to elevate your overall performance, regardless of whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors. 


  • Honeycomb core - the honeycomb core will be able to withstand shock, all while helping to elevate your performance.
  • Additional accessories - this kit comes with two paddles, three balls, and a carry-bag, making it great value for money.


  • High price point - may not be within everyone’s budget.

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