15 Best Pickleball Shoes

Pickleball is an increasingly popular sport played all across the world thanks to its easy-to-learn rules allowing almost anyone to learn and play either for fun or competitive matches.

However, what many pickleball players don’t realize is that their footwear can seriously be hindering their game. 

If you’re a regular at pickleball then you’ll know the importance of being quick on your feet and how much impact your feet take from all your powerful movements.

If you’re someone who just wears any old pair of sneakers lying around then you must be familiar with the aches and pains you encounter whilst playing and after playing pickleball.

You may be encountering anything from ankle pain to blisters to just sore feet in general which sometimes prevents you from stepping back onto the courts for a few weeks.

If this is the case, then you’ll need a high-quality pair of shoes for playing pickleball so you can play to your heart's content whilst minimizing discomfort and the risk of injury. 

We’ve done all the research to bring you the best pickleball shoes, for both men and women here today.

Best Pickleball Shoes For Men


ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes, 6.5, Black/White

Our top pick for the best pickleball shoe for men is the ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball shoes. The EVA midsole gives enhanced cushioning and bounce to help you stay light and quick on your feet all throughout your game.

The gel cushioning system also absorbs shock during impact, preventing you from putting stress on your ankles as you jump and reach for the pickleball. 

If you’re currently experiencing any slipping on the court, then you’ll need to get these shoes as they have implemented enhanced traction to prevent you from slipping on the surface when reaching out to return the ball to the opposition. 

If you’re a competitive player then you’ll be pleased to know there is plenty of space for supplemental insoles and ankle braces to be worn as well. 

The shoes are said to run true to size, but many customers with narrow feet say they come up larger than expected so you may need to size down. 


  • EVA Midsole - Gives enhanced cushioning and bounce
  • Gel Cushioning System - Absorbs shock during impact
  • Enhanced Traction - No slipping out on the court


  • Confusing sizing - People with narrow feet will need to size down


ASICS Men's Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes, 9.5, White/Silver

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 are a great pair of shoes for both amateur and competitive pickleball players alike.

The lightweight construction of these shoes allows rapid movement making cutting back and forth on the court effortless. 

The trusstic system technology helps retain the structural integrity of the shoe increasing durability and optimum performance for longer.

The sizing of these shoes is easy to navigate and is true to size, so buying your regular shoe size will enable the perfect fit for security and comfort. 

The ortholite sock liner in the shoe ensures reliable moisture management so you can play longer with peace of mind that your feet aren’t crazy sweaty. 


  • Lightweight construction - Easy to quickly move around the court
  • Great sizing - Can just buy your regular size
  • GEL technology - Allows movement in multiple planes


  • Not enough ankle support - Supportive features elsewhere on the shoe


adidas Barricade 2018 Boost Shoe - Men's Tennis 12.5 White/Silver Metallic

These Adidas Barricade tennis shoes are designed with seamless forged mesh for support and stretch to enable a custom fit that can adapt to any movement during the game. 

The shoe features the Adidas signature adiprene under the heel for increased cushioning at impact preventing injuries to the heel and ankle. 

There is the abrasion-resistant adituff that wraps around the toe and medial forefoot to help protect against foot drag that occurs during extreme movements.

The Barricade tennis shoe features a memory foam ankle collar and plush cushioning for extra comfort throughout your game.

Thanks to the mesh material of these shoes, your feet will experience great breathability even during the most testing of matches. 

Many customers note that due to the high support of these shoes they can be quite difficult to break in. 


  • Adiprene - Heel cushioning to prevent injuries
  • Abrasion-resistant - Construction stays intact and durable even during intense games
  • Flexible material - Adapts to any movement


  • Difficult to break in - May cause discomfort for initial period of use


New Balance Men's 696 V4 Hard Court Tennis Shoe, White/Navy, 11 M US

The 696 V’s feature a full-length NDurance outsole that provides superior traction for rapid movement and also great durability so you’ll get more wear out of your shoe regardless of how much you play. 

These shoes are specifically designed for hard court games but will still serve you incredibly well if you opt to play on clay courts with your friends. 

There are perforations at the forefront of the V4s for increased breathability whilst the light midsole offers lightweight cushioning to keep you quick on your feet.

For those who suffer from problematic ankles or feet, you may not be happy with the support offered by these New Balance shoes as they’re constructed primarily to be lightweight for instantaneous movement. 

The New Balance sizing on these 696 V4’s is one to be in awe of as not only are they a snug true to size fit but they also offer wide varieties on each size for those who struggle to find shoes that fit their feet. 


  • Great sizing - Wide fit options available as well 
  • Superior traction - Helps stability and movement
  • Light construction - Helps players feel light on their feet


  • Not the most supportive - May need extra insoles


ASICS Men's Gel-Court Speed Tennis Shoes, 11.5, White/Silver

The popular ASICS trusstic system technology reduces the overall weight of the shoe whilst retaining the structural strength so they stay in shape and support even through extreme use.

The strong rubber sole and the PG toe guard offer high durability to withstand the wear and tear that occurs from playing on both hard, clay, and grass courts.

The seamless construction of the ASICS Gel-Court Speeds reduces the potential irritation and friction caused by the stitching and seams in traditional shoes so you can play with peace of mind that your shoes won't end up blistered or sore feet.

The shoes are sturdy and hold the foot firmly in place with no internal slide for quicker movement and enhanced performance on the court. 

The shoes do come up slightly more narrow than regular sizing, so if you are in between sizes you should opt for the next size up.  


  • Sturdy - Keeps feet firmly in place
  • Strong rubber sole & toe guard - Withstands wear and tear
  • Seamless construction - No irritation or friction on the feet


  • Narrow sizing - May be tight on the feet


Wilson mens Rush Pro 2.5 Pickleball Tennis Shoe, Red/Black/Pearl Blue, 11 US

Many of our recommendations on this guide are designed for tennis or volleyball as they often have the same features on them that make them good for pickleball as well.

However, here we have the Wilson Rush Pro 2.5’s that are designed specifically for the game of pickleball.

The strong construction delivers unparalleled support for the whole foot and the gel cushioning cushion rides high enough around the ankles for extra comfort especially when the action picks up. 

These purpose-built pickleball shoes have a pro torque chassis that uses arch technology to provide torsion control and stability for accelerating performances during the game. 

The shoes do come up very narrow on the foot, so getting 1-2 sizes bigger than your regular size is recommended for optimum breathability and comfort.


  • Designed for pickleball - Built to withstand all aspects of the game
  • Strong construction - Supportive for the whole foot
  • Arch technology - Provides torsion control and stability


  • Very narrow fit - Will need to size 1 to 2 sizes up


K-Swiss mens Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe, White/Black/Silver, 10.5 US

If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight shoe to boost your performance, then these K-Swiss tennis shoes might not fit the bill, the largest sizes do come in quite heavy in comparison to other competitors which may affect more experienced players' game.

These shoes are extremely comfortable and will offer moderate cushioning for impacts and high stability so you can execute every movement on the court.

The K-Swiss men’s shoes offer high ventilation throughout the whole shoe thanks to the ventilation holes that feature across the entire upper part of the shoe.

The shoes are considerably roomy but still supportive and those who struggle to find shoes to fit wide feet will find that these are generous in that department. 

The rubber sole on the outer of the shoe has a herringbone tread pattern that provides great traction for gripping all court surfaces.


  • Generous sizing - Suitable for those with slightly larger feet
  • Good ventilation - Keeps feet nice and cool during big matches
  • Features a herringbone tread pattern - Good traction on the court


  • Heavy - Will slow down some players

Best Pickleball Shoes For Women


ASICS Women's Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes, 8.5, White/Black

The ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball shoes are one of the best options around for female pickleball players. The blend of both comfort and support allows them to boost your performance whilst also preventing soreness or injuries to your feet.

These shoes will provide you with optimum comfort whether you’re competing or practicing on the court with durability also being praised by many athletes from court sports.

The wide outsole of the shoe provides the player with great stability when moving quickly around the court and the traction on the sole is exceptional and will make sure no mishaps happen on both indoor and outdoor courts.

The shoe can accommodate custom orthotics and ankle braces so are perfect for competitive players who need extra support when they play.

The snugness of the shoe on the heel provides great support so keep your feet in place when you’re lunging around the court. 

You’ll also benefit from increased speed in your movement due to the lightweight construction which will keep you quick on your feet.


  • Breathable mesh lining - Provides optimum ventilation for the whole foot
  • Snug fit - Good heel support so the shoe doesn’t slip
  • Comfortable - Can be worn for both practice and competitive games#
  • Gel cushioning - Absorbs shock from sudden movements


  • Construction is quite stiff - Need a break-in period to soften them


Mizuno Women's Wave Momentum Indoor Court Shoe, White-Blue, 8.5 B US

The lightweight construction of these Mizuno Women’s Wave Momentum shoes will allow users from tween to adult ages to move at quick speeds whilst also feeling comfortable with the high levels of cushioning. 

The 3 layer no-sew upper part of the shoe provides an incredible fit and feel, leaving you confident in the movements you’re making on the court. 

The dura shield at the front of the shoe protects from the damage of friction during the game and the extra grade rubber sole provides high traction for great stability. 

The Mizuno wave cushioning implemented into these shoes will allow the user to make big jumps and lunges without having to absorb the impact of the movement on their body. 

Unfortunately, the shoe does not work well with volleyball ankle braces so those who encounter problems when playing and need extra support will not be able to use them when wearing this shoe.This may be down to the fact that the shoes do come up slightly more narrow for those with larger feet. 


  • Good cushioning - Absorbs shock from impact
  • 3 layer upper part - Provides a secure fit and feel
  • Dura shield - Protects the toe from damage


  • Shoe comes up narrow - Not suitable for wide feet or those who need ankle braces


ASICS Women's Upcourt 4 Volleyball Shoes, 10, White/Black

These ASICS Upcourt 4 shoes are very budget-friendly which is great considering the overall quality and construction of them.

Although these shoes are highlighted for being particularly lightweight, they still offer protection for the toes and they also provide lateral support when the laces are done tightly. 

The design is implemented with an open mesh top for good ventilation to keep your feet cool as you play.

These Upcourt 4s provide great traction and easily grip to the floor allowing you to stop and quickly change direction with ease.

The rubber gum sole and high-quality synthetic and mesh materials used to construct this shoe enable it to be one that will last you for ages regardless of how frequently you play pickleball.

The shoes are fairly true to size and most customers note that once they’d broken them in they fit secure yet comfortable without being too restrictive around the feet.


  • High-quality materials - Will last for ages
  • True to size - Can easily just buy your regular shoe size
  • Budget-friendly - Suitable for almost anyone


  • The front of the shoe creases easily - Makes it more prone to breakage


Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z5 Volleyball Shoe, blacksilver, 10 B US

These Mizuno Wave Lightning Z5 court shoes offer ample support for players who play competitive games and are a lot more comfortable than the predecessor shoe Z4.

These Lightning Z5’s are precisely engineered with a 360°DynamotionFit upper with breathable mesh that adapts to all the contours of your feet for a secure fit whilst also increasing ventilation to keep your feet cool even during demanding pickleball games. 

These shoes offer moderate support for the ankle and also cushioning to aid in absorbing impact from lunges or jumps to the ball.

The shoe features a diagonal flexible groove in the midfoot area that allows players to turn at maximum speed and power for better performances. 

Many customers have commented that even though the shoe is constructed well, the materials do not feel as high quality as competitors so notice that the shoe does not last as long. 


  • Diagonal flexible groove - Allows player to turn with speed and power
  • Dynamation fit - Adapts to the counters of your feet
  • Moderate support - Reduces the risk of minor injuries


  • Materials aren’t as durable as competitors - They won’t last as long


adidas Women's Ligra 6 Volleyball Shoe, White/Gum, 12 M US

Adidas is such a reliable brand when it comes to competitive sporting shoes and is often endorsed by professional athletes from court sports like volleyball, pickleball, and tennis.

The Adidas Ligra 6 delivers underfoot comfort which allows users to play and train longer and harder without enduring sore and tired feet.

The thick rubber outsole of the shoe provides a firm grip on all court surfaces, giving you great stability when stopping and turning during the game. 

The shoe’s size and design are accommodating of orthotic equipment and any extra ankle supports that may need to be worn without compromising on the comfortable fit of the shoe.

The material on the upper part of the shoe is sturdy yet quite difficult to break in and may cause some soreness when you first begin wearing them. 


  • Underfoot comfort - Allows players to be comfortable during long sessions
  • Sizing is generous - Accommodating of players who need to wear extra support
  • Lightweight design - Enables players to move around the court quickly


  • Difficult to break in - May cause sore feet during initial period of wearing them


ASICS Women's Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes, 9, White/Silver

If you’re after a pair of pickleball shoes that you can comfortably wear straight out the box with no breaking in period then these ASICS women’s gel-challenger 12 tennis shoes will become your new best friend. 

Whilst the shoe does look chunky in appearance, they are very lightweight and do provide enough ankle support to prevent possible injuries.

These Gel-Challenger 12 shoes offer moderate cushioning for players, allowing a softer impact on the body when reaching out in lunges and jumping high to hit the ball.

The shoe comes with a removable sock liner so players who require medical orthotics can easily be accommodated.

If you’ve got wide feet then you may experience some rubbing around the toes for the initial period of wearing them.


  • Lots of colors - Suitable for all tastes
  • Removable sock liner - Accommodates medical orthotics
  • Comfortable straight out the box - No breaking in period


  • Narrow fit - Wide feet may experience rubbing


ASICS Women's Gel-Game 7 Tennis Shoes, 9.5, White/Silver

These Gel-Game 7 tennis shoes by ASICS are superb value for money considering the professional-grade quality of their materials enabling this shoe to withstand heavy wear all year round.

The high supportive framework makes these shoes easy to shuffle and run around the court which is also contributed to by the lightweight construction. However, some might find the heel quite stiff and may encounter some rubbing when you first begin wearing them. 

The forefoot gel cushioning system offers ample support and cushioning to accentuate shock during big lunges and jumps, decreasing the risk of injuries throughout your body.

If you are someone who suffers from injuries caused by pickleball matches, then you’ll benefit from the removable sole which allows you to use orthotic supports with the shoe. 

These Gel-Game 7 shoes are some of the best fitting shoes we’ve come across and many customers have noted that their suggested size was the perfect fit for them. The shoes are also accommodating of narrow and wide feet. 


  • Cushioning system - Absorbs shock from impact
  • Perfect sizing - Will fit all suggested shoe sizes
  • Supportive framework - Easy to move around the court quickly


  • The shoe is quite still in the heel - Cause cause rubbing


New Balance Women's 696 V4 Hard Court Tennis Shoe, White/Pigment, 10

This pair of New Balance 696 V4 shoes offer moderate levels of support and stability and is recommended for competitive but not professionals pickleball players. 

The V4’s offer a good grip on the floor and also feature perforations at the front of the shoe to increase ventilation to keep your feet cool during matches. 

The shoes are comfortable to wear straight out of the box and will not require a break-in period to adapt the shoe to the contours of your feet.

The shoes are not well designed for players with wide feet and will cause blisters from rubbing and friction. They also come up quite small on the foot, so customers may have to try a few sizes out to ensure the perfect fit. 


  • Stylish colors - Can be worn daily or on the court as well
  • Comfort straight away - No break-in period


  • Not suitable for wide feet - Causes blisters
  • Fits small - Customers may struggle to find the correct size

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