Onix Z5 Pickleball Paddle Review

Pickleball is quickly becoming a popular sport that many people are trying and enjoying for the first time. When you play pickleball, you will need to use the correct pickleball paddle.

If you are new to the sport, you may be unsure of the best type for you and what companies produce good paddles. In this article, we have focused on one company in particular that produces great pickleball paddles - Onix.

We will be focusing specifically on their Z5 series, which features three different types of pickleball paddles. We will be reviewing them in detail, focusing on their pros and cons, to find the best option for you.

Onix Company Background

When it comes to creating pickleball paddles, Onix produce some of the best in the game. While they are a fairly new company, being founded in 2005, they quickly became popular.

Their pickleball paddles are always fantastic quality and can be relied upon. They aim to provide a better performance, and allow for precision.

Their paddles have been proven to increase your speed while playing. As a company their focus is to provide the best possible pickleball paddles that can allow you to take your game to a professional level. 

ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle (Graphite Carbon Fiber Face with Rough Texture Surface, Cushion Comfort Grip and Nomex Honeycomb Core for Touch, Control, and Power),Blue

The first Onix pickleball paddle we are going to review is the Graphic Z5. While all three paddles are of a great quality, the Graphite Paddle does have the slight edge.

When you compare the price of the Graphic Z5 to the other two products in this range, it is the most expensive.

However, there is not a huge difference in the price. Overall, this is a reasonable price for a pickleball paddle, and the cost does reflect the quality of the paddle.

This paddle comes in many colors which is great as this will appeal to many people. There are 11 colors in total to choose from, including blue, white and pink. The size of the paddle is large.

It weighs a total of 0.51 pounds which is a medium weight. This is important because you will not want the paddle to weigh your arm down when playing, the less it weighs, the better as this will allow for better range and movement overall.

It provides fantastic touch and ball control overall, and gives you a good balance of both speed and power needed. As its name suggests, this particular Onix Z5 is made using graphite.

This is a great material because it is lightweight and provides better movement overall. The core has a Nomex honeycomb shape which allows for better control and handling.

The handle of the paddle is similar to a tennis handle. This is useful for beginners who are already familiar with the shape of a tennis racket. This will make the transition to pickleball far easier. The paddle does feature an edge guard.

While the handle is comfortable and does have a grip, some users have noted that it can become slippery, which causes you to lose grip slightly when playing. This is worth taking into consideration.

Its wide body shape provides a large sweet spot, which is great for both beginners and professionals. The exact width is 4 ½ inches. Its overall dimensions are 15.5 x 8.3 x 1.5 inches in total.


  • Large sweet spot - This is great for beginners as it will make playing pickleball easier.
  • Graphite materials - This allows the paddle to be lightweight to hold, and you will be able to move the paddle quickly with ease.
  • Color choices - With 11 different color choices to choose from there will be a color that will appeal to the majority of people.
  • Tennis handle - This is useful if you are transitioning from tennis to pickleball as you will already be familiar with the handle of the paddle.


  • Slippery handle - While the handle does have grip on it, it could potentially become slippery after a while, which is worth taking into consideration before purchasing. 

Onix Composite Z5 Pickleball Paddle Features Nomex, Paper Honeycomb Core and Fiberglass Face

The Onix Composite Z5 Pickleball paddle is another great choice. When comparing the cost to the Graphite Z5 paddle, it is not as expensive.

When looking at the paddle color options, there are only three to choose from - black, blue, and red. While there is still a good amount of colors to choose from, there is not as much choice in comparison to the Graphite Z5.

This Z5 paddle provides a good performance, and allows you to have more pop while playing pickleball. The pop from the baseline is impressive, and this paddle provides you with a good amount of ball control.

This is particularly useful if you are a new player, but it is also great for the player that is more powerful too it will give you more precision with your hits.

When looking at the body of the paddle board, it is wide, which allows you to have a larger area for the sweet spot. This is great for new and advanced players alike. The exact dimensions for the body of the paddle is 4 ½ inches, which is the same size as the Graphite Z5.

Its overall dimensions are 15.5 x 8.3 x 1.5 inches. This is a good size for the paddleboard, it is large enough without being too big or cumbersome in any way. The paddle is made using fiberglass, and it has a comfortable, cushion grip.

The Composite Paddle weighs a total of 0.54 pounds. It weighs slightly more than the Graphite Paddle, however, the difference is minimal.

The paddle is a heavyweight overall. However, this does not mean that the paddle will weigh down your arm while you are using it.

It will still be lightweight to hold overall, but the paddle will be sturdy and allow you to have more power behind your hits. Some users have noted that it is slightly heavier than they anticipated it would be.


  • Reasonably priced - Overall this pickleball paddle is not too expensive, and it is great value for the money.
  • Wide Body - This allows you to have a larger sweet spot, which is great for both beginners and professional players.
  • Heavyweight - This is great because it allows you to have more control over the paddle overall.
  • Made with fiberglass - It is made using fiberglass which allows for easy movement and is durable.


  • Heavier than expected - While this is a heavyweight paddle, some users have noted that it was heavier than expected which impacted their game play.

ONIX Graphite MOD Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddles with Cushion Comfort Pickleball Paddle Grip - USA Pickleball Approved

The final paddle in the Z5 range is the Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Mod Paddle. The Mod Paddle comes in a total of 5 different colors - green, red, pink, black, and blue.

The mod paddle is similar to the Graphite Pickleball Paddle we have reviewed, but it does feature some differences. When looking at the price it is the cheapest option.

The dimensions of this paddle is 15.5 x 8.1 inches in total and the handle length is 5 inches, which is the optimum length. The grip circumference is 4.25 inches. It features an edge guard which is useful to have, especially for beginners.

The overall size of the sweet spot is good and the handle shape is the same as a tennis racket. Again this is useful if you are switching from tennis to pickleball. It meets the USAPA requirements, and the paddle shape is a wide body.

While this paddle is great for beginners, it can also be used by advanced players with no issues either. It has a graphite face, which allows the paddle to be lightweight and easy to move overall. It weighs up to 8.2 ounces in total. It is a medium-weight.

It provides good power and speed, and it has good ball control too. It features a Nomex honeycomb core. It is a great choice, but some users are bored that the tape on the handle does begin to unwind and wear over time.


  • Low cost - Out of the Z5 range, this paddle is the cheapest to purchase and is great value for the money.
  • Good materials - It is made using good quality materials for the paddle and core.
  • Medium-weight - The weight is perfect for both beginners and advanced players.
  • Large sweet spot - This is brilliant for overall gameplay and will enhance your skills.


  • Unwinding tape - The tape does have the potential to wear and unwind on the handle over time.


To conclude, all the Onix Z5 Pickleball Paddles are great value for the money. They are certainly worth looking into, and they will enhance your game.

They are made from great quality materials, have large sweet spots, and are great for both beginners and those at a professional level.

If you are new to pickleball, these paddles are a great choice as they all feature a tennis ball handle, which makes the switch to this sport easier.


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