15 Best Pickleball Balls

Whether you’re playing for fun, or training to be a professional, pickleball is a great sport which serves as a sort of mix between badminton, tennis, and table tennis. It’s also a nice and easy sport to partake in, as you only need a pickleball paddle, some pickleball balls, and some comfy shoes and clothes! 

However, once you start getting into pickleball, you will quickly learn that pickleball balls aren’t a one time purchase.

Although they are usually quite durable, they need to be replaced on a regular basis, as they will quickly wear out or even begin to crack from the use. (You are hitting them a lot, so it’s to be expected!) 

But without balls you can’t play, so you really need to buy a good amount of pickleball balls, that are as high-quality as possible. It’s worth doing some research and buying the best balls possible, as they will be slightly more durable, and will likely be better to play with.

It’s also worth getting outdoor or indoor specific pickleball balls, depending on where you usually play. And once you have a good stock of balls, you can just pickleball all day long! 

Choosing the best possible pickleball balls should be easy enough, but with the huge amount of products available in the market, it can get a bit overwhelming, and they all start to look the same.

The most important thing is to find pickleball balls that are durable, high-quality enough to provide you with the best pickleball experience, and suitable to the outdoor or indoor environment you play in. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top 15 favorite pickleball balls available in the market. Have a look through them!


Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls

The Onix Pure balls are an excellent choice for pickleball, and they’re one of the most highly recommended and popular. They are available in both neon green and yellow, and you can choose from different packs depending on how many balls you want. 

One of the best things about the Onix Pure is that they are weighted slightly heavier, so that they fly straighter even in extreme outdoor conditions, thanks to their True Flight Technology.

They also have a consistent and high-quality bounce, so that you can enjoy the game all the more. As well as being strategically aligned with precision-drilled holes, for better balance. 

They’ve been designed to resist splitting and be highly durable, and they also meet the USAPA requirements, meaning they can be used in tournaments. 


  • True Flight Technology: they fly straighter thanks to the heavier weight, even in bad outdoor conditions
  • Authentic Bounce Technology: a consistent bounce to improve the play and the overall performance 
  • Exceptional seam welding: this offers a resistance to splitting, allowing them to be exceptionally durable 
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournament play


  • No significant downsides 


Franklin Sports Outdoor - X-40 Pickleball Balls - USA (USAPA) Approved - 12 Pack Outside - Optic Yellow - US Open Ball

The Franklin Sports X-40 balls are another excellent product option, featuring an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from the many customers. They are available in optic yellow and pink and can be bought as a pack of three, twelve, or a hundred. 

These balls have an overall weight of 26 grams and have 74mm in diameter. They have been constructed as a one-piece, with a rotational molding that creates a stronger and more durable ball, for long-lasting performance. They also feature a higher balanced flight pattern, thanks to the 40 precisely machine drilled holes. 

They are USAPA approved, for use in outdoor tournaments. In fact, they are the official ball of the US Open Pickleball Championships and have been called the most durable pickleball balls by the number one pickleball player in the world, Ben Johns.

If you want to be a pro, these are 100% the balls to use! 


  • 40 precise machine drilled holes: a higher balanced flight pattern, for better performance
  • One-piece construction: stronger and more durable ball, incredibly long-lasting
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournament play 
  • Official ball of the US Open Pickleball Championship: one of the best known brands of pickleball balls in the world, praised by the best players


  • No significant downsides


TOURNA Strike Outdoor Pickleballs (12 Pack) - USAPA Approved, Optic Yellow (PIKL-12-OY-O)

The Tourna Strike balls are another amazing product option for outdoor pickleball. They come in a bright optic yellow color, and they are available in different packs, depending on the number of balls you want. 

These balls have an overall weight of 24.5 grams, and a 74mm diameter, making them ideal for all levels of skill. They feature a lively bounce, with a mid-range hardness that provides a standard overall performance.

They also have 40 small precisely drilled holes, which are designed to create a more balanced and straight flying pattern, no matter the levels of wind interference. 

They are USAPA approved, for tournaments, and they are also the official ball of the Tyson McGuffin Signature Pickleball Camps. And for convenience, the balls come in a reusable mesh bag, making them easier to carry around. 


  • Mid-range hardness and lively bounce: overall standard performance, ideal for all skill levels
  • 40 precisely drilled holes: more balanced and straight flying pattern, regardless of wind interference
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournaments
  • Official Tyson McGuffin Signature Pickleball Camps: high-quality and renowned brand, ideal for outdoor court pickleball  


  • Not very durable 


Jugs Sports Pickleballs, Vision Enhanced Green, 1 Dozen

The Jugs Store is very popular when it comes to pickleball gear for beginners and on a more recreational level.

The balls are available in a high visibility lime green and white, and they come in different packs with different amounts of balls. 

These balls are traditionally better suited to indoor pickleball, but they can also be sued outdoors, making them a versatile option. They’re also pretty durable and can withstand impact surprisingly well.

One of the main traits of these balls, however, is that they are softer and more rubberized than the standard pickleball ball, making them especially ideal for beginners and children. 

The downside is that they are not sanctioned by USAPA, but they are perfect for recreational use, without the pressure of being for professional use. 


  • Versatile use: Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Softer and more rubberized than the standard ball: ideal for beginners and children, as they won’t hurt as much 
  • High visibility colors: they’re easier to see in low lighting, so they don’t get lost!


  • Not USAPA approved
  • Not the highest quality for advanced use


Dura Fast 40 Pickleballs | Outdoor Pickleball Balls | Yellow | Pack of 6 | USAPA Approved and Sanctioned for Tournament Play

The Dura Fast 40 brand has been manufacturing pickleball balls for quite some time, and they are therefore considered to be the official original, favored by many players of different skill levels.

They are available in a pack of 6 bright yellow balls and are highly recommended. 

These balls are built to be incredibly durable, constructed as a rotationally molded one-piece, ideal for outdoor and hard courts. They also feature 40 precisely drilled holes, allowing for a more consistent flight, and a better overall bounce and performance. 

They are USAPA approved for tournament play, and they are also an official ball for the US Open Pickleball Championship.

Plus, the Dura ball was the first to be designed by the very same company that invented the game in the first place! So you know it’s the real deal and made for the best playing. 


  • Constructed as a rotationally molded one-piece: designed to last slightly longer than the average, with an incredible performance
  • 40 precisely drilled holes: straighter and more balanced flight path
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournaments 
  • Official ball for US Pickleball Championship, and created by the inventors of the pickleball game: incredibly well-respected brand, renowned for its high-quality performance 


  • Not as durable as other pickleball balls


EasyTime Pickleball, 40 Holes Pickleball Balls for Outdoor Sport, 26 Holes for Indoor, Highly Durable and Consistent Bounce, USAPA Standard for Pickleball Sport, 6 Pack

If you’re looking for a versatile and high-quality option that is overall incredible, the EasyTime balls might be the ones you’re looking for.

They are available in different packs, with an equal amount of yellow indoor balls, and orange outdoor balls. 

These balls feature a special seam welding, which increases their durability, and makes them more resistant to splitting.

They are made with PE and EVA materials, so they have a great bounce, that improves performance. They also have 40 precise holes, to reduce the wind interference and improve the flight. 

They are USAPA approved, for tournament use, and the high visibility makes them great for low lighting too. The color distinction between the indoor and the outdoor balls is super helpful, and they come in an environmentally friendly carton for storing. 


  • Special seam welding: increased durability and resistance to splitting
  • Made of PE and EVA materials: better bounce and a softer overall feel
  • The pack comes with both indoor and outdoor balls: versatile use, with the outdoor coming in orange, and the indoor in yellow, for easy distinction
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournaments


  • Better suited to beginners, rather than advanced players 


VINSGUIR Pickleball Balls 4 Pack

The Vinsguir Store balls are another great product option, highly popular amongst players of different skill levels. They are available in a pack of 8 bright yellow balls, which come with two mesh nets for storage and easier transportation. 

These balls have a machine-crafted surface, with high-quality smooth plastic for durability.

They’ve been designs to bounce off of the pickleball paddle faster and in a more powerful way, for better performance. They also have 40 precisely machine drilled holes to overcome the wind resistance and achieve a more balanced flight path. 

They are USAPA approved, for use in tournaments, and are suitable for both beginners and professionals. They’re highly visible, and overall, a great standard option for your pickleball fun! 


  • A machine-crafted surface of smooth plastic: for higher durability
  • Faster and more powerful bounce: improved performance, helps beginners do better 
  • 40 precise holes: well-balanced flight path
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournament play 


  • Better suited for recreational use, despite being USAPA approved


A11N Premium 40 Holes Outdoor Pickleball Balls, Durable Ball with Nice Bounce, Special Design for Outdoor Courts (6 &12 Packs Available)- Bright Yellow

The A11N Sports Premium balls are a great outdoor option, best suited to recreational and training purposes. They are available as a 6-pack or as a 12-pack, both coming with bright yellow balls for high visibility. 

These balls are made with a heavy texture, with TPE material and advanced welding technology, to ensure that they are sturdier, more durable, and able to perform their best.

They also have a unique bounce technology that is ideal for outdoor courts. The 40 precision drilled holes allow for a more balanced flight pattern, regardless of the amount of wind interference.

They are not USAPA approved, but they are ideal for training and recreational purposes and offer a great level of control to improve your shots. 


  • Heavy texture and advanced welding technology: sturdier and more durable, for enhanced performance
  • Unique bounce technology: ideal for outdoor courts, and greater control 
  • 40 precision drilled holes: well-balanced flight pattern, regardless of wind 
  • Ideal for recreation and training use: specially suited to beginners and intermediate learners 



IUZIT Outdoor Pickleball Balls Specifically Designed for Pickleball Sport, High-Vis Optic Yellow USAPA Approved 40 Holes Pickleballs for Outdoor & Indoor Use

The IUZIT Outdoor balls are a good standard product option for pickleball, with a great number of positive reviews. They are available in a pack of 6 and come in either bright orange or bright yellow. 

They have been designed to be weighted slightly heavier, with True Flight Technology for a better flight pattern, along with the 40 round holes that are precisely drilled for the optimal balance.

They’ve been constructed with heat welding, for a smooth and durable seam that is more resistant to splitting. 

They are USAPA approved, for use in tournaments, and they also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as having great customer service. 


  • True Flight technology: an enhanced flight pattern thanks to the 40 precise holes and the weighted feel
  • Constructed with heat welding: extra resistant to splitting, and highly durable 
  • Exclusive material and formula: designed and manufactured to a great level of high-quality 
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournament play 


  • For outdoor courts only, and not rougher outdoor environments


TOP ball (The Outdoor Pickleball) - DOZEN (12 Balls) - Orange - USAPA Approved for Tournament Play

Another popular product option for pickleball balls is the PickleballCentral Top Balls. They are available in packs of a dozen, and you can choose between neon green, orange, and yellow. 

These balls are rotationally molded, with one-piece construction, which serves to eliminate any weak points and ensure they are as durable as possible.

They also have a patented 40-hole pattern, enhancing the flight pattern so that wind doesn’t get in the way. 

They are USAPA approved, for tournament play, and have been tested to ensure they are equivalent to some of the more competitive ball brands. 


  • Rotationally molded: no weak points, for higher durability and performance 
  • Patented 40-hole pattern: enhanced and balanced flight pattern 
  • Even bounce: tested and engineered for the best play
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournaments 


  • They don’t bounce as high as other pickleball balls 


Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball Balls - Softer Feel for Recreational & Club Play - USAPA Approved, 3-Pack

The Penn 40 Outdoor balls are high-quality and suitable for all skill levels, but they’re especially great for those that are starting out. They are available in packs of three, six, and one hundred, and they come in a bright yellow color for high visibility.

They have durable construction, so that they are as long-lasting as possible, designed with a great deal of experience and modern technology. They feature a softer than average bounce, making them ideal for recreational use and lower levels of skill. 

They are USAPA approved, so they can also be used at tournaments and by more advanced players if desired, making them quite the versatile product option. 


  • Durable construction: for a long-lasting and high-quality performance
  • Experienced and modern design: ideal for outdoor use, and for players of all skill levels 
  • Softer bounce than average: softer to the touch, and especially suited for recreational purposes 
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournament play 


  • The soft bounce isn’t great for advanced players 


niupipo Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball Balls, Professional Pickleball Balls Set of 3 Indoor Pickleballs and 3 Outdoor Pickleballs, Highly Durable, Maximum Bounce Pop and Precise Flight Path

The Niupipo indoor and outdoor balls are a versatile and high-quality product option, great for players of all skill levels, and popular amongst customers.

They are available in a pack of 6, with three orange outdoor balls and three yellow indoor balls, with the difference in color serving as an easy way of distinguishing between them. 

They feature True Flight Technology, thanks to the perfectly aligned holes and the high-quality plastic, for aerodynamic performance even in the most extreme of wind weather conditions.

They are made with a hard and durable plastic, with an exceptional seam welding technology that makes them more resistant to splitting. Plus, they have excellent bounce, and a higher level of control. 

They are USAPA approved, for use in tournaments, but are great for all skill levels. They come in a mesh net, for easier storage and transportation. And overall, they are excellent for improving your pickleball capabilities. 


  • True flight technology: excellent aerodynamic capabilities for a better flight pattern, even in bad wind conditions
  • Exceptional seam welding technology: made from durable hard plastic, and designed to be very long-lasting 
  • Versatile use: pack of both indoor and outdoor balls, for a better combination of both environments
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournament play 


  • No significant downsides 


Tropro US HAIXING Pickleball Balls, Premium Indoor and Outdoor Pickle Balls - 26 and 40 Holes Durable and High Visibility for Pickleball Games (12 Packs)

The HAIXING Premium balls are the ultimate versatile product option, as they can all be used as both indoor and outdoor balls. They are available in a pack of twelve, and are a bright yellow for maximum visibility. 

They are made of a premium HDPE material, and are rotationally molded for a stronger and more long-lasting result, resistant to splitting.

They feature a unique bounce technology, which holds in multiple terrains and environments, and works best in outdoor courts.

The 40 precise machine drilled holes help enhance the flight pattern, and they offer a great overall performance. 

They are USAPA approved, so can be used in a sanctioned tournament, and they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back deal. 


  • Made of premium HDPE material: designed and constructed to be as durable as possible
  • Unique bounce technology: versatile use in different environments, and ideal for outdoor courts 
  • 40 precise machine drilled holes: enhanced flight pattern and overall performance 
  • USAPA approved: for sanctioned tournament play 


  • Not as high-quality as other pickleball ball brands 


Pro Aviana Outdoor Pickleball Balls - USAPA Approved for Tournament Play 6, 12 & 48 Packs | Durable 40-Hole Design | Ideal for All Skill Levels | Pickleball Accessories | Pickleball Balls Outdoor

The Pro Aviana balls are specifically designed for outdoor courts, and they are a great option for both recreational use and more advanced training. They are available in a pack of 12 bright yellow high-visibility balls. 

They feature a weighted heavy construction, so that they fly straighter, and are better balanced when in action.

They also have an improved bounce thanks to the Authentic Bounce Technology, designed for professionals, but enjoyed by all skill levels. 

The 40 precision drilled holes enhance the flight pattern even more, and overall, they offer a great performance. 

They are USAPA approved, and are ideal for all skill levels and all types of players alike. 


  • Weighted construction: for an improved balance and flight 
  • Authentic bounce technology: enhanced bounce, ideal for professional players, but also great for other skill levels 
  • 40 precision holes: traighter flight pattern, regardless of the wind levels 
  • USAPA approved: perfect for official tournaments


  • Some customers claim they are better suited to indoor playing


Outdoor Pickleball Ball Outdoor , 40 Holes, Durable and Great Bounce, Almost Seamless Joint, Precise Drilling Holes,Bright Yellow

Last, but not least, on our list of favorite pickleball balls, we have the Farcunaly product option. These are also great for versatile use, as you can play with them both indoors and outdoors. They are available in bright yellow, and can choose from different amounts. 

They’ve been made with special seam combining technology, and they have authentic bounce technology to keep them consistent and easy to control. The 40-hole pattern also enhances the flight pattern, and overall they offer a great performance. 

They are USAPA approved but are best suited to recreational use. And this product in particular comes with a 100% return and exchange guarantee. 


  • Special seam combining technology: resistance to splitting and high durability 
  • Authentic bounce technology: consistent performance for the best experience
  • Versatile use: can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • USAPA approved: they meet the necessary standards for tournament use 


  • Better suited to beginners, and not for advanced play

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